Is Facebook Doomed?

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For the past few months there has been an increased rise in the number of “niche” social media platforms due perhaps to the heavy criticism networks leveled toward some of the popular social media platforms. For example, Facebook has received some scrutiny recently regarding their lack of privacy and the priority that is given to advertisers.  What many couldn’t have … Read More

What Kind Of Experience Are You Giving Your User?

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User experience:  “ thoughts and responses with respect to a product, system or service.” Traffic is important to a website but once people get to your website the user experience will determine whether they stay or not and if they do stay, whether they will come back.  A major part of the user experience is the usability of a website.  … Read More

How Do You Retain Customers?

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  Here are some tips on how to retain customers.  People say these work for them. If you sell a product follow up in two weeks and ask how the product is working for them Build a relationship and exceed the customer’s expectations Under promise but over deliver If a customer wants or needs something or has a question you … Read More

What Do Customers Want from a Business?

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1. Great products and services. 2. Competitive Prices. Can you guess the third?  Come on. Think.  It shouldn’t be hard. 3. Superior customer service. Bad customer service can really hurt a business.  Providing superior customer service isn’t only the right thing to do, it’s a must.  Here’s why: Twice as many people share bad customer service experiences over good experiences … Read More

The World is Addicted to Smartphones

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There is an addiction to Smartphones. This is fact according to an IDC study which surveyed over 7000 users between 18 and 44. Retailers need to start working on their mobile marketing strategy. Here are some stats I found in research 72% of smartphone owners used their devices while shopping 27% of cell owners used their phone while inside a store to … Read More

Customer Service Facts

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Good News: In 2011, 7 out of 10 Americans said they were willing to spend more with companies that provide excellent customer service (american express survey) Bad News: In 2011, 86% of consumers stopped doing business with a company because of bad customer service (Harris Interactive) Good News: Resolve a complaint in the customers favor and 70% will do business with you … Read More

How Can I Find New Customers?

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Finding new customers can be a challenge for many businesses. The best scenario is that customers find you. They find your business through an internet search, social media or are referred to you. If customers aren’t finding you here are some ideas we found in our research to help get new customers. Attend meetings and seminars that your prospects might … Read More