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How Can I Find New Customers?

Finding new customers can be a challenge for many businesses. The best scenario is that customers find you. They find your business through an internet search, social media or are referred to you. If customers aren’t finding you here are some ideas we found in our research to help get new customers.

Attend meetings and seminars that your prospects might attend and follow up with any contacts you make.

Study your successful competitors. Where do they advertise and network?

Claim your listing in Google Places and other big directories like Yahoo, Bing and Chamber of Commerce. Keep your company name and contact information consistent in all listings, add a good business description and photos. Spend a little time on your profile. Readers want to get to know you and adding a professional looking photo of yourself will help. Explain how your business will provide solutions to their problems.

Ask for feedback from customers. Use whatever you learn to make changes to your website. Did they have trouble ordering, were they just shopping around for better prices?

Sponsor events. Contact the organizers of the event and offer to give away your product or service as a prize during the event. In exchange ask the group to promote you.

Organize an event. It is a good way to introduce your business or service to participants and prospective sponsors.

Put a little money into updating your website. Did you know that 80% of Americans now spend as much time online as they do in front of the television? This means you have to have a top-notch site to grab those customers.

Provide outstanding customer service. Customer service can make or break a business. Treat people with respect and patience to establish your company as a caring and reputable brand. People will learn about you by word of mouth.

Be a little old fashion. Call businesses who advertise on their cars if you feel your product or service could be beneficial to them. Be honest, open, straight forward and let them know right off the bat how you can help them.

Lastly, be professional and kind to every one you meet. Every relationship could be a potential customer or lead to a potential customer. You just never know where that next customer will come from.

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Video Marketing

Are you SEO strategies not working out well and you feel like you are behind your competition?

You may want to try Video Marketing.

Video marketing and mobile marketing are on the rise.

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) benchmark report released in 2012, approximately 52 percent of B2B brands reported using video marketing as a content strategy in 2011.  In 2012 it went up to 70 %.  CMI reports that 58 percent of B2B marketers believe video is an effective tactic and helps conversion rates.

People love to share video across the web.

Video engages people and after watching a good video of your product or service consumers might be  persuaded to call or  fill out a form.  Using popular video-sharing websites can help a company lessen the technical burden and help mix video with social media marketing campaigns.  Two popular video-sharing services are YouTube and Vimeo.

When using video include strong descriptions and keywords in the titles.  It may also be beneficial to add text of the content posted.  Combining video with well written content may jump start your SEO for 2013.

Video Marketing Can Help your website convert more visitors to clients.

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