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It’s time to get passionate about Local SEO. Naturally Find Yourself In Google’s Local Search Results. This can help your business get a few more contacts each day.

  • Reach Prospects Around the Corner
  • Show Up Ahead of The Organic Search Results
  • More Traffic, Leads and Sales

Local SEO – $499 Per Month – Includes the Following:

Local SEO Services from Super Cool Sites
  • Optimization for up to 5 Website Pages
  • Keyword Research
  • Create Local SEO Content
  • Optimize URL
  • Update Title Tags, Headers, Meta Description
  • Update ALT Tags and Link Tags
  • Setup or Update Google My Business Page

Remember, you can only optimize one website page for one good keyword or phrase.

Randy Kauffman, president of SuperCoolSites.com

Local SEO

Create Local SEO Friendly Content

Would you advertise locally to acquire new customers?

If you answered yes to this question, then having local SEO friendly content on your site can help you attract local customers.

Creating content for the sake of adding content is not a productive use of time and will not help you rank higher on Google nor will it help you drive more sales. Creating well thought out, interesting, and helpful content for your local customers will help.

Local SEO ready content can contain:

  • Informative Blog Posts
  • Pages about your business and services.
  • Info-graphics
  • Videos

Local SEO content creates familiarity and trust with people in your local area, it takes into consideration the climate where you do business. If your business only sells swimsuits, and you are located in New York City or Boston, where it is cold in the winter months, you may want to create content about the best swimsuits for different types of vacations, adding links to travel sites, and requesting back links from local travel agents can boost your content in SERPs. Being creative with your online content can be a part of your sustainability plan through times of slower sales.

Having a local SEO content plan to help you consistently create content over time can create a boost in your search rankings, which leads to more traffic online and foot traffic and phone calls to your local business.

Keyword Research

Researching keywords is one of the most important elements of local search engine optimization(SEO). Knowing what search terms people in your area are actually using when they do a mobile or desktop search for your products or services helps you decide which keywords to use when you are creating content for those pages. Having one targeted keyword per content page is the key to having a fully optimized site for local SEO. This helps your business be seen in the search engine results pages [SERPs]. Being able to narrow your keywords down to the most likely search phrases that your local prospects are using gives your business a competitive advantage to be seen, and to attract buyers at the moment they are searching. You wouldn’t want to use the search term “bangs trim” if you are in Australia where bangs are called “fringe.”

Local keyword research should take into account what people are actually searching for in your area. The technical term for your product or service may not be what your customers are searching for when they want to make a purchase.

Before you create content for your products and services, you want to make sure there is extensive keyword research that takes into account your location. Keyword planning is essential to the success of your local SEO.

Pop vs. Soda

The website Pop vs Soda continues to document the regional variations in words used to identify carbonated beverages.

Optimize URLs

Optimizing the URL for your business is much more than making sure your domain name is easy to remember, though that could be a part of it.

URL optimization involves making sure that each page within your website is easy to read and recognize by search engines.

Here are some keys to having an optimized URL for local seo:

  • URL’s are hyphenated.
  • URLs contain keywords.
  • Your site has a favicon uploaded.
  • URLs are all lowercase letters.
  • Your site’s blog posts and pages are set up so top content is in the root folder.

URL Example:
The URL for this page that you are reading now is https://supercoolsites.com/local-seo/ the keywords for this page are Local SEO. It is in the root folder because it is one of our top service areas we provide.

Update Title Tags, Headers, Meta Description

Title tags are available for search engine result pages (SERPs) and are clickable headlines for given results. These are important for usability, social sharing and local SEO. The Title Tag is meant to be a concise and accurate description of what is contained on your web page.

Header Tags should make sense to your readers. If your visitors understand the header the search engines are likely to as well.

The Meta Description is a snippet up to 155 characters that summarizes a page’s content. This is a HTML tag that should contain the search phrase that you desire. This is like an advertisement for your webpage. It will help your searches have more click-throughs to your site. Optimizing the meta description is crucial for local SEO.
Update ALT Tags and Link Tags

Alt Tags are useful because they help visually impaired people engage with your site. It doesn’t hurt to have your keyword included as an extra boost for page relevance and to create more traffic opportunities with Google Images. Link tags are visible to Google and will answer the questions about where you are linking to. Linking to your own site will help your domain authority and keeps your content organized.

Setup or Update Google My Business Page

Google PartnerGetting your Google My Business Page set up is the most important thing to do first for local SEO. It allows your business to show up in local area searches. Many visitors will search for a business “Near Me”.

Having control over this page gives you many options.

  • Update Your Profile
  • Have Pictures of Your Business And Products
  • Show Your Location With Phone And Address
  • Directions To Your Business
  • Hours Of Operation
  • Free Google Advertising
  • Stand Out From Competitors
  • Increase Your Sales & Traffic
  • Give Satisfied Customers A Place To Show Reviews

A Good Local SEO Plan Consists of the Following Items

  • Keyword research with focus on Local SEO
  • Local SEO friendly content
  • Optimized URLs
  • Updated title tags, headers, and meta description
  • Update ALT tags and link tags
  • Updated Google My Business page connecting important local SEO content.

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