The Best in Mobile Marketing APPS

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Mobile apps seem to always get into our marketing conversations these days. A recent report by the analytics firm, App Annie shows the total IOS and Google Play app downloads topped more than 260 billion in the year 2014. So what’s in these apps for us? The marketer’s role has evolved dramatically over the years and is still changing. You … Read More

Spring Cleaning Your Online Marketing

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We are now in the month of April which means spring flowers, spring clothes and spring cleaning.  Not only does spring cleaning apply to your closets, but it also applies toward your business.  You will always want to clean up, clean out and refresh.  How often do you look at your website, google yourself and really look at your marketing … Read More

The Importance of Data

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The Importance of Data: Before, During and After an Ad Campaign With so many advertising choices available to small-business owners, it’s important to test and track a variety of options to see which work best for you. Using a mix of print, radio, TV, website, billboard, direct mail and other media options can be too expensive for local companies, and relying … Read More

Wasting Money On Website Design


Why You Are Wasting Thousands of Dollars on New Website Designs! Here is the way a lot of business people think.  My website isn’t producing properly.  We need a new design to spruce it up and bring it up to date.  Fine.  You spend thousands of dollars to get put on a designers profile and see a site you are … Read More

Adwords Campaign


I wanted to give everyone out there some important information on how to conduct an adwords campaign.  There are many companies that will set you up, but a lot of them don’t share the important information you need in order to make good marketing decisions.  Check out this video for more!

CRO Conversion Rate Optimization


I have been wondering what I can say or do that would motivate business owners or marketers to really look at what conversion rate optimization (CRO) can do for their companies. Am I the only person that looks at businesses through math eyes?  I thought every business should do this.  How can you not?  Your payroll is certainly math.  Your … Read More

What Super Cool Sites is NOT!


We are not like the phone calls you get that promise to get you to the top of Google.  We are not like the emails you get that promise 1000’s of people to your website.  We are not like or that offer you a “Free” website.  We are not like local advertising companies that overcharge you for running web ads. What’s … Read More

Inbound Marketing

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Use the Power of Inbound Marketing To Unleash A Whole New Animal  As more and more small businesses struggle to gain a competitive edge, it is becoming important to find a unique set of tools that can maximize the potential profit from every advertising dollar you spend. Forget about the old days of having to do direct mailing, expensive radio … Read More