What Super Cool Sites is NOT!

What Super Cool Sites is NOT!

Premium Website Service

We are not like the phone calls you get that promise to get you to the top of Google.  We are not like the emails you get that promise 1000’s of people to your website.  We are not like or that offer you a “Free” website.  We are not like local advertising companies that overcharge you for running web ads.

What’s wrong with being “those” companies?  They don’t base anything on the actual money you will make.  What good is it to drive a 1000 people to your website if none of them do anything?  If they charge you $1,000 per month or more to get people to your site that don’t buy, you’re just throwing your money away.

Why not know what percentage of people will buy and how much profit that means before you start throwing money into ads?  When I look at the pages that some of the companies that market local advertising puts up and the amount of money they charge, I can’t believe it.  I think (maybe) that their intentions are good, but wow, they are certainly misguided. 

We are a small company that can give you personal attention.  All though we have processes, nothing is cookie cutter.  Each company has different needs.  Some need more traffic, some need higher conversions, some need a better design, and some need social strategies and more.

We can write the content and use the graphics that will get results. Guaranteed!  Check us out!

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