CRO Conversion Rate Optimization

I have been wondering what I can say or do that would motivate business owners or marketers to really look at what conversion rate optimization (CRO) can do for their companies.

Am I the only person that looks at businesses through math eyes?  I thought every business should do this.  How can you not?  Your payroll is certainly math.  Your income is math.  Your balance sheet and taxes are math. 

Hmm, let’s revisit one of these.  YOUR INCOME IS MATH!!!  Let me think about this, if I make $5,000 per month of profit from my website and my conversion rate is 1%, when my conversion rate increases to 3%, then I make $15,000 per month profit. 

If I have to pay $1,000 per month in order to achieve this, I will be $9,000 per month ahead.  Who in their right mind would not want to do this?

I was just reading a blog that shows the top 35% of companies in CRO are testing constantly while the bottom 35% are doing very little testing.  The top 35% have 3 to 4 times better conversion rates.

Let’s do some more math.  $10,000 per month of revenue times 3.5 = $35,000 per month.  I guess that sounds like too much work.  Maybe it looks better like this:  1,500,000 X 4 = $6,000,000.  $4,500,000 is nothing to sneeze at.

Any company can achieve higher conversion rates with a little work.  Higher conversion rates = more money PERIOD!  As long as you don’t have to do any work and you make more profit than you are paying for conversion optimization, you are basically making free money. 

It’s certainly money that you wouldn’t have had if you kept going the way you were.  And the nice thing is that it’s all verifiable.  No guessing.  It’s all in black and white.

I find it funny when I call on a new prospect that they are “not interested” in that.  Really?  Not interested in making more money or increasing revenue?  Why are you in business?

So, I am asking for your help.  What should I say or do that could get the point across?  Please reply below.

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