Conversion Optimization

2015 Internet Marketing Musts

2015 Internet Marketing Musts

I was reading one of my favorite blogs by Neil Patel.  He made 10 predictions on what the New Year will bring in Internet Marketing.  To see the article click here.  The two that will impact small to medium size businesses the most are Conversion Optimization and Link Building .

There is no way around it.  These two items can significantly increase your revenue and profit.

Let’s look at each one in a little more detail. 

Conversion Optimization is an Instant Money Maker. 

You don’t need to do anything else in order to increase your ROI dramatically.  You have the same website, the same visitors, but now you make twice the money or more.  Instead of 1 out of 100 converts you can increase it to 2, 3 or more out of 100.  This can double or triple you online business revenue instantly.

There are many, many methods in the art of conversion rate optimization (CRO).  But the stalwart of them all is testing, testing and more testing.   Without testing, you just don’t know.  A/B testing is the best.  There is a service called Optimizely that can make it easy to do testing without any coding experience.  If you are familiar with Google Analytics, you can set up tests there for free.

The biggest mistake I see people constantly make, is assuming their beliefs about what people want are correct.  They assume everyone thinks like they do.  Keep Testing!!

Link Building Can Be Difficult, But is also Very Rewarding 

You must convince high ranking websites to put a link on their site that connects to yours.  It isn’t a simple matter of exchanging links.  One way links are the best.  That means there is a link from a high ranking website directly to a page on your website and no reciprocal link back.

How do you get other high ranking sites to do this?  There are a few ways that come to mind.

  • Pay them
  • Ask Them
  • Have interesting and education information that would benefit their audience on your site

If your site is converting at a high percentage, paying them could prove profitable.  If you know other businesses owners, you can ask them to put a link on their website to yours.

You can write educational blogs on your site that would compel other sites to link to yours and thereby increasing traffic.  More traffic, more revenue!

If your blogging skills aren’t the best, you can find people at that will write articles for $5.  You can then tweak them to your desire.  I have tried this service and was very satisfied.


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