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Consider Writing a Press Release

Press releases have changed over the years.

Your company may be launching a new product or service, having a grand opening for a new location or sponsoring a charity event which involves a well known personality.  You may even have won an award in your industry.  Try a press release if you have a newsworthy, even weird human interest story that may catch on.

Here are a few reasons a press release may be a good way to promote your business.

1.  It is easy to publish and distribute them with a press release distribution service and you can send them out whenever you have something newsworthy.

2.  Press releases now let you use video and images to convey your message which makes them more interesting.

3.  With the Internet, smart phones, tablets and iPods people can read them anywhere.

4.  With social media today there is a chance it can go viral.

5.  If you use keywords specific to your business it can improve SEO.

If you are going to try and write one for the first time here is link to help you get started

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