What Do I Do When My Business is Slow?

What Do I Do When My Business is Slow?

Memorial day is the official start of summer.  For some businesses summer can be a slow time. What tasks should you work on during a slow season?  Here are some responses from people on

1.  Touch base with past and present clients and thank them for their business.

2.  Reorganize and refresh.  Update website, redesign marketing materials, or research a new marketing strategy.

3.  Write blog content.  Stockpile some blog content and save it for the start of the busy season when web traffic is up again.

4.  Survey customers and find out what they think of your brand and what they want.

5.  Figure out which social media might be best for you or learn how to use a new one.

6.  Reflect on your mission and purpose.  What changes could you make to be more on track with your mission and purpose?

7.  Read and learn about what’s new with technology, and social media.

8.  Revisit old ideas that you may have put aside.

There are numerous things you can be doing during slow periods.  Take advantage of the time and get geared up for busier seasons.

When someone asks you, “What Do I Do When My Business is Slow?” You’ll have a nice list of ideas to share and mastermind what to do next.

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