SEO Weekly Tips

How Is Your Website Converting?

The biggest goal of any website is to get customers to take action.  Conversion Optimization is getting a higher number of visitors to take action and become a lead or a customer.

Here are some Tips to help get conversion rates up

1. Do website optimization first to get your bounce rate down. This will definitely help you get conversions. After all, if visitors don’t stay you have no chance at a conversion.

2. People buy on emotion, passion, and desire. Get them excited.

3. Sell benefits of products and services not the features.

4. Use testimonials as a way to build trust.

5. Do split testing with 2 different pages to see which performs better.

6.  Make it easy for visitors to take action with easy to locate call to action buttons.

7. Try different registration forms and ask only for data you need. Asking too much information will make them suspicious.

8. Cut down on text on your website.  Try great headlines and bulleted lists if you want them to read text.

Check out our Conversion Optimization page and SEO Calculator.




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