How to Get People to Read Your Content

How to Get People to Read Your Content?

Here are some interesting statistics.

79% of web visitors scan rather than read.

Internet users spend 80% of their time looking at information on a page visible without scrolling or  what’s called “above the fold”.  They are looking for the most important and relevant information first.

Users do scroll, but they only give 20% of their attention to information below the fold.

So how do you get people to read more of your content?

1. Write less and set up your text so it’s easy to “scan”.  This may help hold their attention.

2. Get to the point right away.  Put important content first.  Users are much more likely to scroll past the fold if the first content they see captures their attention and offers a solution to their needs.

3. Use bolded headings and subheadings that make sense and include keywords of the content.

4. Use bulleted lists when you can to break up content.  Bullets are also easy to scan.

5. Image captions are read consistently so make them intriguing.

6. Use numerals on the web instead of spelling out numbers. This takes up less space and grabs the readers attention.

If you can get readers attention when skimming, by doing some of these things, they may slow down and read more carefully and take in more of your content.

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