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Using Testimonials As A Marketing Tool

What do clients think of your business?  Customers research businesses and look for reviews of those businesses. Having testimonials on your website and on your google places or yahoo local listings can attract new clients. Think about it. If you are researching two companies who are competitors, one has rave reviews on their website and listings and the other doesn’t, who would your first choice be?  Here are some tips for testimonials.

Tips for Testimonials

  • Ask Permission
  • Put full name and contact information of the person providing the testimonial
  • The testimonial should be the customers own word
  • Add their picture if possible
  • General testimonials are good but a specific testimonial about what your company did for them helps customers understand what results they will  get by working with you

Testimonials add credibility and help show trust.  Take time every once in a while to ask ‘satisfied customers” if they would mind writing a brief review of how your company helped them solve their problem or helped them achieve or surpass a goal. It may just help a  potential customer to “take action”.


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