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Manic Mondays

Manic Mondays can cause stress. Knowing how to manage your day can be a huge help.

So you had a great weekend.  Maybe you slept in late, played some golf, saw the latest blockbuster movie or took a little road trip.  Maybe you did all those things.  The weekend is over and now comes Monday.  Manic Monday. Remember that Bangles song?   Maybe some of you will.

Here are some tips that we tweaked, from “Prevention”  to help make Monday a less sullen day.  Try some of these simple things the next time Monday rolls around.  Your Manic Mondays may just turn into a Motivational Monday!

  • Forget the healthy breakfast.  Have any leftover pizza or chocolate cake?  Indulge yourself and eat something for pleasure rather than health.   You have 6 other days to eat the healthy oatmeal, eggs, or bran cereal.
  • Do a good deed.  Open the door for someone, bring in muffins to work or let someone go ahead at the gas pump.  You will make someone’s day and you will feel good too.  Acts of kindness lower stress.  Who knows?  They may pay it forward and a few more people will benefit and have a better Monday because of you.
  • Wear an outfit to work you have been saving for a special occasion.  You will look and feel great and people will wonder what’s up?
  •  Have lunch with a friend and catch up on only good news.
  •  Spend a few minutes sitting or walking in the sun and soak up some vitamin D.
  • Plan an early morning work out to increase endorphins.
  • Look at a photo of a loved one or pet (yes we love our pets) or a favorite vacation spot.  It will activate the brain with feelings off well being and reduce stress.

These little things can help you start the week out with a more positive vibe.  Give it a try.

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