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How to Use Business Cards to Promote Your Business

Do you think business cards are an outdated marketing tool?  According to an article on Manta and the comments by readers the answer is no.

There are a lot of reasons these little, dependable, easy to carry cards should not be forgotten.   Let’s face it.  Wherever you are, using business cards are a personal way of giving potential customers your information.  It makes it easy for them to get back to you.  In this age of technology we have lost the personal connection with people.  Having something tangible to pass out that is eye catching and attractive, will be memorable.

Here are some TIPS for business cards:

  • Design should be colorful, eye catching and compliment your website.
  • Paper should be high quality. Glossy cards will stay cleaner but people won’t be able to easily jot notes on them.
  • Use an easy to read font size and color.
  • Don’t put too much information on your card to where it looks cluttered and hard to read.  Include the basic contact information, names, phone numbers, fax, email etc.  Also include your logo and tagline /catchphrase.  Nowadays it’s not unusual to see a photo on a business card to help people put a face to the business.
  • Order a sufficient amount to cover a few months.  As your business grows and changes some of the information you want on your business card may change too.  You should also change the design every so often especially if the design and or colors of your website change.
  • Lastly, triple check all the info.  Who wants a bunch of business cards coming back from printing with incorrect information?

Think about business cards as adding “Spice” to your marketing plan.  Small, Personal, Informative and Cost Effective, business cards are still a great way to reach out to prospects and leave a reminder of your brand.

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