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How to Turn Customers into Leads

How to Turn Customers into Leads?

Collect Leads from Contact Forms

On the contact form ask prospects to provide only information that will enable you to quickly follow up.

Small contact forms with only 3 fields convert at a rate of 25% (Quick Sprout)

Follow Up Quickly.

Organize your leads so you can follow up quickly.  The quicker you follow up the better your chances of  reaching that person.

Follow up within an hour with great cusomer service.  This will help you keep prospects coming back.

Send Valuable Information

For prospects who have not completed a purchase, send them company news, a promotion, or information on a new product or service.  This will increase the chance they come back to you when they are ready to buy.

Be attentive to these leads.  It may result in 45% more in ROI. (Marketing Sherpa)

Do follow up!

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