Online Vs Offline Marketing

 Both types of marketing, online and offline, can contribute to your website’s success.  Most people concentrate on online marketing because they feel nowadays everyone is online.  As of 2012, 78% of people used the internet.  That leaves 22% who will never see your online marketing.  Here are a few ways to incorporate Offline Marketing into your plan that may help you reach those people who do not spend time online.

Trade shows- will give you the opportunity to meet people face to face and start a relationship.

Sponsor Local Events –this will give you community exposure.

Donate a prize for a raffle or contest, either a product or service, and get your business name out there.

Business Cards- Make them unique, modern and with bright colors so they stand out and look good enough to save.

Network and find a business that offers complementary services or products and work together to attract business.

If you have the budget, try a radio or TV advertisement.

Put something into the hands of prospects that is relevant to your business.  Don’t go with the normal pens, magnets, etc.  Spend some time and thought and come up with something that clearly connects to your business.

Send out notices about special promotions or new products.

Use your car/cars as a mobile billboard to advertise your business.

Join Angie’s List and put a coupon in their booklet.

Ask existing customers for testimonials that can be used in marketing materials such as brochures or freebie giveaways like tote bags.

Using a combination of online and offline marketing ensures you are reaching out to all potential prospects, those who are able to use the internet and those who are not.






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