Why Do You Need Interactive Content?

Why Do You Need Interactive Content?

Content marketing was king and that use to be enough.  However, people are moving away from reading text and are looking for things that will engage them.  More and more marketing now includes “interactive content” which can help get more leads.

“Interactive content is content that starts dialogue with your audience and leads to an exchange of information.”   It allows participation.

On average, when companies produce and distribute interactive content, they generate:

  • Click rates of 50%
  • Lead form completion rates of 80%
  • Social sharing rates of 20%

Compare that with average email click rates of 5%

Here are tips to incorporate interactive content.

Video that answers some of your customer’s questions.

Interactive product demos

Rotating or sliding content

Polls, surveys

Trivia quizzes

Contests, like photo contests

Think about what interactive content you can incorporate into your marketing that will have an impact, keep your audience engaged and help them remember you and your business.

Content needs to stand out.  When you stand out the possibilities are endless.

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