Marketing Goals for 2013

We rang in the New Year, sang Auld Lang Syne.  Will your business see growth in 2013?  If you haven’t already done so you should be working on some of these marketing goals for 2013.

Google’s Panda Update in 2012 hit a lot of websites hard and a lot of businesses are still trying to recover.  Some may not recover without a lot of work.  In my reading, I came across these SEO strategies to incorporate for 2013.

1.  Social Media and Mobile Marketing- This will not be going away.  Expect to see an increased emphasis on mobile marketing during 2013.  Every business should consider a mobile website as the majority of people are using smart phones.  Being able to reach consumers on the go is a huge advantage.

2.  Content- Focus on original and frequently updated valuable content so returning visitors can find something new to  enjoy and learn from.  This will keep your audience coming back.  Infographics,  (information presented in text and graphics) are popular.  When people like these graphics they will share them and we all know sharing is good.  Updated content can keep you a step ahead of the competition.  Do not give your visitors a reason to doze with stale content.  They will stop paying attention and so will the search engines.

3.  When writing articles don’t add extra words to your articles to make them longer.  A long  article doesn’t make you a better expert especially if it is full of extra words that  really aren’t  needed.

4.  When helping visitors with a question or problem show solutions in as many ways as possible.  Video tutorials are very good for keeping the attention of your visitors. Graphics, infographics (mentioned above) and pictures also help.

5.  Focus on high quality natural links for your website but don’t “buy” links or go overboard with reciprocal links.  That can backfire.

6.  If you have a blog keep it updated.  Like your website, “stale” doesn’t look  good in the eyes of search engines.  So make an effort to write on a regular basis.

Set monthly goals and monitor your progress.  See what’s working and what isn’t and make any necessary adjustments.  Your marketing strategy should not only focus on sales but on you your entire business.


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