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Looking for Ways to be More Productive?

Be More Productive

I came across a great Infographic by Anna Vital founder of Adioma with tips on how to get more out of your day and be more productive.  Some of these tips may apply to work, some to home and some to both.   I hope some of these will help you be more productive and get more accomplished in your day.

Infographic How to Be Productive by Anna Vital, founder of Adioma
  • Do the easiest things first
  • Tune out the news
  • Visualize your end product
  • Spend less time on trivial things like what to wear
  • Learn what to ignore
  • Know the 80/20 rule. What 20% of work produces 80% of result?
  • When energy is low, take a nap
  • Prioritize one item per day
  • Visualize the end product
  • Discard what you stop using
  • Manage anxiety by running, dancing, working out
  • No meetings unless they are decisive

Last and most importantly,

  • Treat time as your money!

Start with one or two of these tips and see if they help you get more productivity out of your day.

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