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How To Reduce Your Bounce Rate

What is a bounce? A bounce is someone who goes to your website and leaves after looking at the first page.  A good bounce rate depends on several factors, but a rule of thumb is that under 50% should be your first goal.  You can find your bounce rate in Google Analytics under Audience Overview.

I see several sites with bounce rates in the 90’s. This is very bad.  That means that 9 out of 10 visitors take a look at your landing page and leave without doing anything.

In this session, I am going to show you the first and most effective way to decrease your bounce rate by creating a Value Proposition.  Here is how to do it:


  1. Get a Super Graphic – The first part of the value proposition is a great graphic. This graphic should be something that is related to what you are selling, so the visitor gets a clear picture of what the website has to offer.
  2. Create An Attention Grabbing Headline – Make a great headline consisting of 7 to 13 words. Five times as many people will read the headline over the copy.
  3. Answer The Three Questions – Make sure your headline and the following paragraph answer the three questions:
    • What is it?
    • Who or What is it about?
    • What do I get?

    These 3 questions should be about what you are offering, not about your company.

  4. Write a 2 or 3 Sentence Paragraph explaining the headline – Once you have their attention, explain the headline in a little more detail.
  5. Have 3 Bullet Points – Make 3 bullet points about the best benefits you can think of for your product or service. For some reason 3 works better than 2 or 4 or more.
  6. Create An Opt In Button – Now that you have made your pitch, create a way for the visitor to continue into the sales funnel if they are interested, with a nice button to click.

Here is an example of a very successful Value Proposition we did for Little Turtle Golf Club.


By creating a good value proposition, your visitors will get a clear picture of what your website and company are about, and the interested ones will be more likely to contact you or buy your products online.

If you can decrease your bounce rate from 90% to 60% that means you will get 4 times more people interested in your products or services.


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