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How To Add A Value Proposition To Your Website

In this article we map out what you need to include when creating a value proposition for your website This is Step 2 of “The Ultimate Guide to Increase Website Conversions.”

In the first article of this series we showed you how to get analytics set up so you can see what is happening when visitors come to your site.

Once you have analytics on your site, it is time to start doing things that make your website convert higher. 

First of all, you want your site to be interactive. 

That means you want your visitors to be easily able to navigate through your site and meet each and every one of their needs.  You want them to be able to call you from a mobile device, submit an email to you, sign up for specials, buy a product, or download some information.  Having  them be able to can easily interact  with you is what you want.

One of the goals of interacting with your visitors is to at least get an email address. This will help you market to them in the future.

We’ve done a lot of conversions for a lot of businesses and the one thing I like to do more than anything else as a start is to have a good value proposition on your home page that lets people know they are in the right place for what they want.   You can do value propositions on several pages and that is a good idea, but you have to start somewhere. The best place to start is on your homepage.

Screenshot of a YouTube video where Randy walks us through creating a value proposition.

Let me give you an example.

A Good Value Proposition Consists of the Following

An attention-grabbing headline –You want a headline that evokes emotion, something that get’s people excited.    “Protect Your Car From The Summer Heat With Window Tinting.” That is pretty good, but we might be able to do better.  

A 2- 3 sentence paragraph that expounds upon the headline.  

Then you have 3 bullet points.  It must be 3.  Don’t put 5 or 6 or 7.   Three is the magic number for some reason on websites.

A double opt-in call to action button and form.

A call to action button.   In this example, the call to action is “Request a Quote Today!”  This button is a part of a double opt-in form.

A nice form attached to the double opt-in button that let’s the visitor interact with you.

A nice graphic.  You also want to have a nice graphic to go along with the value proposition.   The graphic draws attention to the value proposition so your site visitors can read it and know whether they are in the right place for what they are looking for or not. 

Easily viewable on mobile devices.

People will fill out the form twice as much if there is a button leading to the form compared to just having the form included on the page with the value proposition.   There is a perceived choice involved when there is a button leading to the form.  How easy is that to do. Do you need a question mark here or is this a rhetorical question?  All your visitors must do is decide if they want to request a quote and when they click the button a form pops up so they can simply fill it out. 

Once you start to do something on a website, it is easier to do more.   On some websites, you’ll see they have a button that says, “Put in your birthday” and when you put in your birthday you think, “That was easy.” And then they ask, “Where do you live?”   and they keep stepping up further and further for more information.  But once you get started, it is easier to keep people going. 

So, for any business you are in, you’re going to need a value proposition.

Let’s Take a Look at Value Propositions in the Plumbing Industry

Oops! It looks like the CSS is malfunctioning. No value proposition can be seen on this site!

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

This is not too good.  First, the design is not too good.

It looks better on mobile, but it doesn’t give you any way to interact with it.  There is no phone number on the site until the very bottom of the page and it is not clickable. 

This site’s CSS was wacky when we looked at it while recording the accompanying video. When we looked at it the following day, the site looked much better! And some of the problems with their value proposition seem to be fixed.

Let’s look at another one.

Another screenshot from our YouTube video, this one look a tiny bit better.

Accurate Plumbing

Well, at least you know what they do, it says, “Accurate Plumbing.” 

Again, there is no value proposition.  When you scroll way down on their page you see, “Efficient Plumbers.” 

It is a good thing to have as a value proposition right at the top.  But there is nothing to do on this site.  There are no interactions, other than the phone number. 

The point I want to make here is the very first thing you want to do is have a good value proposition on the home page.  

Now, let’s look at one of our websites.

Koenig & Owen have a nice looking value proposition on their website!

Koenig & Owen, LLC – Columbus Criminal Defense Attorneys

Their Value Proposition has all the elements needed to help site visitors know that they are in the right place for what they want.

A good graphic with the people on their team.   It is always nice to see smiling faces.

An attention-grabbing headline.  Value proposition that evokes emotion. 

A 2 to 3 sentence paragraph expounding on the headline

3 Bullet points.  No more.  No less.

A double opt-in call to action button and form.

Their value proposition looks good on mobile too!

We’ve increased their conversion rate by 4 times just with this value proposition.  

Can you imagine doing one simple thing to your website and it quadruples your business! That would be pretty nice!

Add Value Propositions to Each Service You Offer

After you have a Good Value Proposition on your home page and you are using Google Analytics to tract your conversion rates, you can work on other pages. 

You’ll want to add a value proposition to each page that lets your visitors know what services you offer and give your site visitors a place to interact.  Especially if you are in the service business, you want people to contact you.  A value proposition let’s them know that they are in the right place for what they want. 

If you are selling things online, it has to be a little different.  You must show the product, share all your information about the product, plus make it easy for them to buy the product.  I’ll cover that in another post. 

We hope this help’s you understand what a value proposition is and what goes into creating one so you can get started right away helping your website convert higher.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Step 1 in increasing your conversion rates is to Determine What Each Visitor To Your Website is Worth.

Step 2 is to add value propositions to your website.

Watch Randy explain this article in this YouTube Video.

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