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How Can Someone Spend 00:00 Time on My Website?

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that gives detailed statistics and reports about the visits to your website.  If you see you had a visitor to your website that spent 00:00 time on your site you are probably wondering how could that be possible?

The explanation is Google can only record a time stamp when a visitor goes to another page on your website from the landing page.  If they don’t click on any other links or browse another page it will not record any time and this is considered a “bounce”.

So why does Google track that type of traffic?  A possible reason is they want to keep track of non relevant traffic.  In Google’s eyes if the visitor only browses one page even for a decent amount of time, that is not relevant traffic.  A visitor looking at only one page is not finding what they are looking for and will not convert to a lead or sale.

The time on site metric is one of many that will help you with your SEO and paid campaigns.

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