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Who Doesn’t Want More Traffic, Leads, and Sales from Conversion Optimization! 

Imagine how good it will feel to finally attract traffic to your website and to finally have a plan to convert those site visitors to real prospects and leads! How good will it feel when the sales generated from those leads grows each and every month!

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  • Increasing sales or contacts(leads) per visit over time.
  • Optimize each customer’s experience so they come back again and again. 
  • Illuminating and testing every change you make to your website so you can be certain that the changes are producing results!

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At Super Cool Sites, we love to help you take the mystery of online marketing and sales and help you see the light that data clearly illuminates for increasing traffic, leads, and sales! 

The First Step in Conversion Optimization – Determine What Each Visitor To Your Website is Worth

In order to optimize your website for conversions you are going to need to know what each visitor to your website is worth and the value of the goals you have set up in Google Analytics. This will give you accurate data for increasing the effectiveness of your website.  

Step Two – Add A Value Proposition To Your Website

A good value proposition lets your site visitors know why they should do business with you. There is a lot of psychology and research data that goes into understanding why people buy products and services. A good value proposition is more than a statement of why you think they should do business with you, it is a conversation that walks a site visitor through their questions, concerns and objections. Every page of your website that features a product, service, and even your brand needs to have a value proposition. Value propositions are an essential element of conversion optimization.

Here is an article that goes into detail about what is included in a good value proposition.

Step Three – Determine How Well Your Website is Doing

Conversion optimization is all about real and tangible data. When you want to make sure your website is improving and bringing you more traffic, more sales, and more leads, you need to know what the starting data looks like. Use the data from your website to help you determine the effectiveness of your website to increase your traffic, leads, and sales.

Here is an article that walks you through the process of determining the effectiveness of your website.

Step Four – Find Hidden Opportunities To Increase Your Conversion Rates

Conversion Optimization occurs when you increase the rate of traffic, leads, and sales. Ultimately you want more sales, however without traffic or leads, you need to rely solely on word of mouth. That might be great for some businesses, but not for businesses that want to increase their business by doing at least a portion of it online.

There are hidden opportunities for conversion optimization that can be found in your Google Analytics reports. Others you’ll have to really dig around to find them.

Opportunities for conversion optimization can be found in three major categories of places:

  1. On your website! Every page has an opportunity to attract more traffic and convert that traffic to leads and sales.
  2. On SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages of the major search engines. Every page that is seen on the SERPs has an opportunity to convert more searchers to their site visitors.
  3. Links from other sites. Every listing of your website on other websites has an opportunity to drive more traffic to your site.
  4. At your place of business. When you have a strong web presence and are generating a lot of traffic and leads from you website via interest forms or phone calls, every phone call , and email follow-up becomes an opportunity to increase leads and sales.

Conversion Optimization is an ongoing process of analyzing and testing website data to help you attract more traffic, convert that traffic to leads and ultimately convert those leads to sales!

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