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Find Out What Mistakes YOU Are Making

If Your Website Isn’t Putting Cash In Your Pocket Month After Month After Month…

You Haven’t been Working with the Right Company.  Maybe you have had some of these problems:

  • You’ve spent thousands of dollars with no results
  • You have a crappy website design with no traffic or conversions
  • You have a great design but no traffic
  • You have lots of traffic but no one is buying your products or contacting you about your services.
  • You don’t show up in any of the search engines
  • You made a “free” site only to find out, you got what you paid for

You Are Probably Guilty of One Or More of These 10 Biggest Mistakes.

  • You Don’t Have Unique, Accurate Page Titles
  • You Don’t Make use of the “description” meta tag
  • You Don’t Have Calls to Action
  • Your Website Is Not Interactive
  • You Never Change or Add to Your Content
  • Your Website Design Is Not Professional
  • You Don’t Focus On Your Visitors Needs
  • Your Website Is Not Optimized for Conversions
  • You Are Not Monitoring Your Website Activity
  • Your Not Putting Fresh Content On Your Site

Here is a link to Google’s Starter Guide – Click HERE