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Your Website Is LAZY!

Most websites only get a fraction
of it’s visitors to take action.

Here are 3 Things to Increase Your Website Sales

Almost every business has a website.

Everyone with a website has some traffic. 95% of people will check out your website before they do business with you. Get these visitors to take the next step such as:

Desired Action
  • Buying Your Product


  • Call You

    Don’t forget to call!

  • Signing Up for a Newsletter

    Now you can market to them even more!

  • Request An Appointment

    Face to Face

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3 goals will let you know the most important aspects of your business website.
  • How many people called you from a mobile device

    More people are using their smart phone to search for you!

  • How many people filled out a form

    Find out what percentage of people are filling out forms and how many are just leaving.

  • How many people either requested a service or bought a product online

    FInd out if that new sales copy is actually selling anything!

Not only will you see these figures but they will have a value built into them that is customized for your business and be emailed right to your inbox once per month.

Instead Of Feeling Lost And Out Of
Control, You Will Be Put Back In Charge.

Go from knowing nothing to knowing everything.

If you are paying for a website service, you can see how much they are really worth.

Finally you can spend your advertising dollars where they are doing the most good.  No More Guessing!  You will see where your visitors are coming from.  See Facebook Hits.  See how many searched Google for you.  See how many are coming from services like yp.com or Angie’s List.

You will know everything for 6 months for only $19!  There is no greater value on the web.  Don’t wait another minute, Get Started NOW!

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In order to get more interaction, and sales, then you currently have – you need to increase the percentage of interaction using Conversion Optimization

In other words, getting a higher percentage of visitors to your website to interact. Let’s say each new customer is worth $1,500 to your business. The Same Visitors, But the Return on Investment is drastically different. Study the chart below.

Here are 3 ways to increase your conversion rate

1. Put a good value proposition on the Home Page

A value proposition consists of the following:

  • A Great Graphic
  • An Attention Grabbing Headline
  • A 2 to 3 Sentence Paragraph
  • Three Bullet Points Expounding The Paragraph Above
  • A Double Opt-In (A Button To Submit Information)

2. Create Sales Funnels for different services

Create a link and a page for each service offered

Have a value proposition on each
service page

Have a double opt-in for
each page

3. Have a right hand column on subsequent pages that gives visitors a chance to interact.

Make a Box That Has One or More of The Following

  • New Customer Coupon
  • Newsletter Sign Up
  • Request Pricing
  • Request Appointment
  • Chat Online
  • Call or Contact Us

Just these simple steps will double or triple the amount of prospects and clients that you will get from your website.

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