Conversion Calculator


How to Figure What Each Website Visitor Is Worth To Your Company By Randy Kauffman, Super Cool Sites, Inc. In this article you will learn the most important thing about your business website, how much each visitor is actually worth to your business.   This is extremely important.  Knowing the value can determine all future marketing decisions. Also, you will … Read More

How Can I Get My Website To Sell?


How Can I get My website to sell? This is a question asked by many businesses.  Some have spent thousands of dollars on their site but nothing is really happening.  Everyone knows that 89% of people look to the web for whatever they need.  That means thousands and thousands of people are searching for what you have. If everyone knew … Read More

What I Have Learned About Conversion Rate Optimization

RKConversion Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the art of increasing the number of website visitors that buy your product, sign up for a giveaway, ask for information, call you or use your contact forms. Most businesses use their website as a business card and expect nothing out of it.  This philosophy will get you nowhere. So, What have I learned?  I have … Read More

The 5 web design tools I use everyday

David KauffmanWeb Tools

When it comes to building a website.  Having the right web design tools are a necessity.  There are countless ways you can do it.  You could use a free online web builder or build it in a text document like notepad.  But I’m going to give you the 5 tools that I use almost every single day and why.  I … Read More

The Golden Ticket


I have been working with several companies on conversion ratios and by knowing what theirs are, they are able to effectively advertise to increase their profits. While doing this I found that some companies were literally throwing money out of the window.  In one case they were paying $1500 per month to direct traffic to specific pages and only converting … Read More

My top 5 Google Chrome Apps

David KauffmanFun, Web Tools

I know a lot of people use Google to do their searches. More and more people are using alternatives to Internet Explorer to surf the web (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari). But do you know that you can use Google’s Chrome for so much more? You can get so many free or cheap apps. It’s like a smart phone for you … Read More

940 Quickbooks Annual Payment


I have run across this problem this year and last, so I though a post would be nice, since I could not find help anywhere in QuickBooks support.  Also I was on hold with QuickBooks for 46 minutes to get an answer. The problem was that the Federal Unemployment is withheld for each quarter, but the payment is only due … Read More

Google Places

David KauffmanWeb Tools, Weekly Tips

Are you using Google Places or Google +? You should be. I assume you would like your business found.  I bet you would like them to visit your website.  I think you might even like them to contact you.  Maybe, buy your product or service?  Well, it all starts from finding you.  More people search online than ever before.  It’s … Read More